Tagabiner® is the no-pliers, secure, and portable solution to your pet's tags

• Replaces the S-rings and split rings that are currently used to attach your pet's tags to his/her collar
• All of your pet's tags are on one tag holder - don't need an S-ring
for each tag
• More secure than S-rings and split rings
• Tagabiner® is a closed loop - S-rings are not a closed loop, tags can slip
off and are lost
• Split rings can pull apart and break (and break your nails!)
• Dogs are much more active - more chances to lose their tags at dog
parks, daycare, boarding, dog pools, hunting, or acting as service dogs/ working dogs
• Not spring loaded – only opens when you want it open
• Tagabiner® is portable – easy to move tags from collar to collar
• Easy to add/remove tags – no pliers needed
• Add tags with contact information when on vacation or at a second home
• Retail trend – significantly more collars available for purchase, collars that are fun colors, cute patterns, and seasonal (Christmas, Halloween, summer…)
• More than one collar - previously a pet would probably have only one collar his/her whole life, now pets can have a wardrobe of collars
• Retailers that sell collars - also sell the Tagabiner®, could sell more collars
• Working dogs – wear a different collar for work and at home
• Tagabiner® solves and age old problem – easy way to add/remove/move your pet's tags
• Patent Pending
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Made and assembled in the U.S.A.
10% of all proceeds donated to charities that help abused and abandoned animals